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Andrew & Kate Lamb

That’s an interesting figure – I have been exploring the concept of an Oceanvolt drive for the supermaramu with an 18KW DC generator to provide range only dependent on the diesel tank size. A 40KW motor system with 28kWh lithium batteries and the DC generator + 5K 48/230 inverter and 48/24 V convertor comes in installed at just over 100K euros. There recommendation is that one would not touch the existing battery system but just charge it from the lithium batteries / generator - 230v power would directly from the lithium batteries / generator. At the moment I am not even sure there would be space to install such as system and also if the C drive is compatible, but it has some appeal to it.



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I had Maine yacht center install 1200ah of lithionics batteries with 1200w of solbian solar, 300a api alternator and 2 x 3kw victron inverter chargers. 90k usd with about half that being labor.



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