Re: Amel Mango Hull #14 - the engine room was not built to be watertight?!!?

Daniel Alexander Thompson

You've had some fun on the high seas!

Thank you so much for the reply and concern regarding the rather ominous task of making an Amel Mango engine room, watertight.

You wrote: If the engine or the generator does not start, you may have to open that cockpit floor and be at the mercy of a giant wave breaking on the top. And flooding it anyway.

Luckily the Mango has a little tiny door in the walkway.

1. Even with a super tight engine room I am not sure your Amel will be viable for very long. If you hit a container at 10-12 knots while plunging down a wave I am not sure you will be able to sail at all or you may not be able to keep the mast up (if you rip off the attachment point of your genoa furler).

There are many less extreme scenarios where crew might be required to bail out water with buckets. If they tire; the boat sinks. In this scenario, a functional engine/generator might get the boat an extra 1000km.


2. Being rear ended or with water entering through the hole of a rudder ripped off by an orca or something else? If it is big enough and without rudder (big seas + wind) I doubt you will go very far, watertight engine room or not.

This is precisely why i intend to make the aft cabin as water tight as might be possible. This may be very difficult if the cabin bulkhead is not sealed well to the hull. I wish Olivier was here to help.


3. Even before the water enters the engine room you may have a short circuit somewhere else.

One could have a four dedicated bilge pumps DIRECTLYI  to the 12v with four switches to complete the circuits. 


4. Keep the engine room water tight for what? Running the generator to crank 220v to charge batteries? With water in the boat your 220v outlets may also be shorted.

I would be more keen on keeping the engine running to perhaps make it to land while it runs the bilge pump.

My intention is to make the engine room and huge port locker completely water tight and then to make the aft cabin a bit watertight,  and then to put about 10 of 500kg flotation bags connected to the stringers in the main salon in the under floor lockers to be pumped by hand if the worst should happen.

I think with this setup one could happily keep the boat with only three feet of water in the salon, if something bad happens. The forward cabin could be dry. The engine room pumping out from the salon and the aft cabin and potentially the engine room.

I also plan to buy a life raft that can sail. I won't name drop, here.



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