Re: Amel Mango Hull #14 - the engine room was not built to be watertight?!!?

JB Duler

Daniel, I forgot to add that every time things got very bad for me (storms and big waves) I have become seasick.

I am just practical. Keep in mind that when seasick: you become weaker, don't have the energy so that may impact decision making or anything requiring above-normal efforts (=bailing out with buckets).

But that's just me, if I am seasick I can barely drive the boat, trim sails and know where I am but not much else. I would definitely not be able to spend a lot of time down below sorting out major problems.

On the Meltem there is also an access door to the engine compartment in the navigator hallway but that makes no sense to use if there is water in the boat. Plus being in the engine room without the top open in tough conditions ---> I would be very seasick.

I never tried to use a Sonar (we have one), could that be set up with an alarm to detect a floating container? Would that leave enough time to react?
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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