Re: Solar panels stainless steel mounted vs soft panels

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Pierre.

See photos attached. You will see the wires are surface mounted entering under the lid of the big cockpit locker. I did it that way because I thought the rail mounting would be temporary. Both the rail mount and the surface wiring have been so successful I changed nothing

 Pleased to avoid drilling holes. As you can see the panels in.working position leave sufficient space to move past them.. Not being stayed they are quick and easy to swivel either way. If extreme weather threatened it would be a task of minutes to remove and stow them. In over 50,000 miles I have never had to contemplate this action. 

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SM 299

Ocean Pearl

On 05 September 2021 at 08:37 Pierre Blouin <blouinpdx@...> wrote:

Hi Danny, would you mind posting some pictures of your port side rail set-up, sounds very interesting.

SV Viva, SM374
Portland, OR

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