Trouble-shooting MHU B&G213

Cathy & Guillaume

Dear Amelians,

I need some help, as my wind indicator is driving me crazy... Didn't work at all in the past 4 weeks sailing.


Two years ago, when the anemometer didn’t work, I changed the PCB and put anti-corrosion stuff at the top, in the box and on the Hydra 2000 connections. Everything worked fine for a year. Now, the wind indicator is kind of stuck most of the time on Stb, 160-170. When I take the voltage measurements, red and blue seem OK, change every second or so and move quite a bit between 0 and 4, depending on wind. Green seems stuck between 0.01 and 0.03. Seems to be the outlier!

I have gone up the mast, dismounted the unit, spread it with anticorrosion stuff, checked everything everywhere, but no result.


Based on what I read on the forum, my gut feel is:

1. Wind sensor angle bearing in the MHU (213-10-004)

2. Then Cable

3. Or possibly Connector base at the top

4. Further down: PCB (but I don’t think so)

5. Or Hydra fried (but I don’t think so)


If I can avoid, I don’t want to buy the whole thing piecemeal : is there a way to pinpoint whether it is the wind sensor or the connector or the cable?


Second question: I would like to mount a second MHU, at the top of the mizzen, for redundancy. Have others done it and does it work correctly there? If yes, is there a view on putting a second B&G213 (easier for parts) or definitely move to the newer WS310?


Many thanks in advance for advice!


Kind regards, 


s/v Carpathia III – SM2K #293

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