Re: Q sails unacceptable delay

Cathy & Guillaume

Hi Jose,

Sorry to hear of your issues with Qsails. I have bought a mainsail from them in July. My express condition to Emrah was: it has to be quick, shipped before the end of July, or no order. He managed to produce the sail in three weeks and ship to France. DHL and Customs in France was another story, and Emrah and his team were very responsive and helped solve the problem. I managed to get the sail litterally three hours before departing for my cruise, so just in time. The main is great (Hydranet).

I was quite impressed with the responsiveness of Emrah and the team. Whenever I contacted him on his number by Whatsapp, he called me back, responded or acted fast. Am planning to order genoa and mizzen from them next year, except if continued problems at their end.

Carpathia III, SM2K #293
Athens, Greece

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