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Barry Connor

Hi Jose,

I just got an updated quotation 2 weeks ago for a new Genoa in Hydranet from Q Sails with a promised 3 week delivery by FedEx to Martinique. I could not get it in time from them when I crossed in late 2019.
I was going to pay upfront using my Visa Card when Bill advised to wait a few months as they were experiencing problems and had delays with shipping. 
I will contact them again now and confront them directly as I was believing them that they would deliver on time within the promised 3 weeks.
I might suggest to them a 50% deposit using my credit card with a guaranteed credit card refund if they miss the agreed shipping date.
I can afford to wait as we will not be sailing until next year as all the Caribbean Islands are very difficult with entry.
Thanks again Bill for your heads up.

Very Best 

Barry and Penny
“SV Lady Penelope II”
Amel 54.  #17
Le Marin Marina 

On Sep 6, 2021, at 07:23, Alexandre Uster von Baar via <uster@...> wrote:

Don’t be surprised if your post is removed to write negatively… 

Mine was a few months ago… while it was written in all fairness with documentation…

Still haven’t digest that one….

On Monday, September 6, 2021, 01:24:32 AM AST, Jose Alegria <josealegr@...> wrote:

Dear Amelians

Anyone know what's up with Q-sails.
I ordered a set of sails 3-4 months ago;  I made the full payment including shipping and I am 45 days past the deadline not having any concrete information about the arrival date of the sails
It is your experience too?


Jose Alegria
Amel55 #03-MERIT

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