Re: Q sails unacceptable delay

JB Duler

Jose, I never ordered from them but what I can tell you is that the supply chain is a mess worldwide.

We own a marine business with a plant in Rhode Island. This summer, at the peak of the season we had to simply stop deliveries and we could not get raw materials anymore.

Our business is low tech, no chips, no fancy electronics. We need aluminum bars and plastic for the extrusion machines.

The suplly chain for plastics/fancy fibers (Polyant , Mylar, carbon fiberss) or other products is clogged. Add transportation logjam for containers. The only exception is air shipping. I assume than less travelers --> empty planes --> planes could be converted to cargo shipping. But for our business shipping by plane is prohibitive. I assume it would be the same for QSails to get rolls of cloths by plane would be too expensive.

I have been trying to buy a downwind SUPĀ  paddle since February. One manufacturer has a plant in China, the other in Thailand. I simply can't get one.

Good luck. Hopefully they are upfront about their problems and can tell you whether it comes from them (everybody is buying boats and secondary homes) or from their suppliers.

John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med

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