QSails, Turkey and Incidence Sails, France


To: All members of the Amel Owners Group
CC: Emrah Oge Owner and Manager of QSails

I apologize for the length of this email, but I feel responsible to summarize all that I can tell you about this.

In the last 6-9 months QSails has experienced some of the worst things that any company can experience, most of it as a direct result of COVID, some indirectly from COVIS with the disrupted Supply Chain. They have been in business for 33 years and I believe that they will make it through this period. They have disappointed about 10 Amel owners in the last 6 months with delivery issues, with about half of those being totally out of QSails' control. FedEx and UPS share the blame on about half of the shipments, losing parts, losing the complete shipment, or damaging contents, then failing to pay the claim submitted by QSails. In each of the cases that I am aware of, QSails has committed to fulfilling the order at significant costs to them and without payment from the shippers. In a few cases, the Amel owner was to blame for the shipping issue because they signed for the complete order but later found out that there was another box that was not delivered. QSails committed to cover the costs. In another case when the owner opened the box, he found the sails damaged. Please check your order before you sign for it. Additionally, the Supply Chain is currently terrible. Previously reliable manufacturers like Dimension Polyant (sailcloth including HydraNet) are completely unreliable.

I believe that QSails will pull through this difficult period and I believe that orders and obligations will be fulfilled. In the last 5 years, and based on my recommendation for quality and price, QSails has sold sails totaling over 1 million euros to Amel owners. I know that each owner saved as compared to the competitive bids they received, and almost everyone was completely satisfied with the quality.

I have been aware of the QSails delivery issue for several months and I have been shepherding the orders for those Amel owners. Most of the orders have been completed, but there are some outstanding that I believe will be completed within weeks. It would have been reckless for me to have made a derogatory announcement about QSails because that could have resulted in many orders never being fulfilled causing significant losses to many people, and potentially severe damage to QSails. I have communicated directly to those owners that I knew were impacted, but I was unaware of Jose's order...I am now and I just sent an email to QSail.

I believe that I should have two choices for purchasing sails for my clients. I am happy to say, that I now have two Preferred Vendors for my clients. As I did with QSails, the negotiated prices are available to anyone who is a member of the Amel Yacht Owners Group. The newest sailmaker that I have negotiated discounted prices with is Incidence Sails, France, supplier to Amel. The Incidence Sails Preferred Vendor pricing is available to my clients and all members of the Amel Yacht Owners Group. More information on details of construction, quality, and pricing for QSails & Incidence by following these links:

Or you can write me anytime for specific information.


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