Re: Solar panels stainless steel mounted vs soft panels

Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Greg, That was what I would have done had I gone internal but as I said I surface mounted "temporarily" and it was so satisfactory I left it as it was. I don't think anyone even notices the wires.

Kind Regards


SM 299

Ocean Pearl

On 07 September 2021 at 04:13 Gregory Shea <gmshea@...> wrote:

JB, Danny,
The Frenchman who installed my rail mounted panels had an interesting way of leading the wiring inside the boat. 
You can see the waterproof gland in the gunwhale which he then led into the conduit in the corner of the hull to deck joint. From there he could take the wiring anywhere in the boat, very easily.
Interesting approach.

Greg Shea
Sharki 133 Cap des iles


On Sep 6, 2021, at 6:17 PM, JB Duler < jbduler@...> wrote:

Danny and Greg, thank you so much! I did not know anything about that Swedish company (I had seen their table).
Great find and a fantastic resource for me.
John Bernard "JB" Duler
San Francisco
Meltem # 19, Western Med



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