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Thanks for the photo, but I cannot see the wires at the top of the photo.

If I remember correctly, the wires at the top of this 24v Permanent BUS are from the battery bank and the wires at the bottom should only be 2 wires, 1 positive and 1 negative which are connected to the Permanent 24v to 12v converter.

The two extra wires (darker blue and black) on the left (negative side of the BUS are connecting whatever device they are connected to directly to the 24 negative BUS of the battery bank and bypassing the main battery switch. Start there and disconnect those two wires, then see what turns off. There are several things wrong with these extra wires including the missing opposing positive wire connection. 

When you get a chance, please take another photo.

Everyone else reading this, please don't make new connections to the battery bank without understanding the right way to do it and the pitfalls of doing it wrong. Also, do not allow a technician to use this BUS for any connection...none, nada!


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On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 8:42 AM Paul Stascavage via <> wrote:

Good morning Bill,

I did have a certified electrician aboard a few months back, but all he did was install a new vhf antenna, cable, and vhf unit. I was with him the whole time and am certain that he didn’t install this wire on the negative side of the permanent bus (photo attached). I removed that wire and still have the short with the navigation breaker on  

I also disconnected the vhf unit including the antenna and I still have the short with the navigation breaker on. 

I’m not sure where to logically start next. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

All the best,


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