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We bought BeBe in here 2nd year. She was owned by a BVI Corporation set up by the owner from Cape Cod. She was BVI Flagged and registered (Defaced Red UK Ensign). To set up the corporation in 2003, cost $696, and as I remember it, the annual maintenance of the corporation was between $400 - $500. My records reflect that the corporation was set up by Astra Penn, Dantrust Limited, 49 Main Street, Tortola, BVI (284) 494 4197, d.penn@...

I hope all of this is accurate, current, and complete.


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On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 3:48 PM Paul Harries via <> wrote:
I have been investing Cayman registration via company for this purpose.
For me possibility of having employed national of any nationality on board at any time was reason for looking into it. 
Has benefit of UK diplomatic and military support.  Epirb and DSC has to go via UK or US though I believe.
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