the art of "hoving to"


Hi, John, et al,
I tried heaving-to while waiting to come into St Thomas.  We were in 25kt winds and 4-6 ft seas.  With the main and jib (135%) each at about 1 "reef" the motion was comfortable, but the bow kept dropping off and I sailed out of my "slick" at about 1.5kts.  When I brought out the mizzen and finally rolled up the jib completely she sat at the prescribed "50degrees" off the wind, but still made enough headway that I sailed out of the slick.  It was fine for the purpose this time, but if I understand correctly, I want to be slipping directly downwind to keep the slick between me and the oncoming waves if I'm in a breaking sea (a la the Pardee's).Anyone with an SM who's figured out how to do that without deploying a sea anchor off the side of the boat?
SM 243

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