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Bonjour Alain, 
I have your problem because a cheap Chinese panel in my solar array cannot reach minimum voltage for the MPPT to turn on each morning. The MPPT “sees” the minimum voltage in a parallel system so, if one panel is under performing, the MPPT won’t turn on, even if all the other panels are above minimum. You can troubleshoot it by checking the voltage output of each of the panels connected to that MPPT, after you know you have enough solar power in the morning because the second MOPT switches on.
I don’t remember what the minimum voltage needs to be, but your Victron App should tell you. 
I solved the problem by putting an inline switch in the positive lead from the weak panel. When the MPPT does not start, I take take panel out of the array by using the inline switch. When  the MPPT starts, I switch the weak panel back in again. Once the controller is functioning, it will accept the weak panel as just one part of the array and everything functions normally. 
For me, or was not a serious enough problem to justify buying  a new panel, but that would be the correct solution.
That is one possibility, hope it helps.

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Bonjour Stefano


Thank you for your reply, I will try soon and let you know.




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Hallo, I have the same mppt, after the season restart I had the same, found all 4 breakers.. I make them OFF and ON, for me was remove and reposition, and everything was back on duty. Hope it will help you 


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I am having problem to connect my new Solara pannels, I have 2 Victron MPPT 75/15, one is working fine for already installed pannels and the only difference I can found between these 2 MPPT, is the status of the battery is showing "Bulk" for the one working and "Off" for the one not working.

Does any one knows how to change it from off to bulk?

Thank you for your help.

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