Re: QSails, Turkey and Incidence Sails, France


One more thing when ordering sails from either source. Be sure that you understand the terms of the purchase. Of course, this is true with any purchase you make.

Incidence brochure and Order states: "Manufacturing timeframe Delivery time is six weeks but is not a contractual point, just an indicative time frame. The fact of being ahead of delivery time or delayed is not an order invalidation, and manufacturing times are only indicative." I think this means, no matter how slow we are, it is not our fault.

QSails: They do not have such a statement on their brochure or order. They have always tried to produce and deliver within 3 weeks and sometimes sooner. I think that this contributed to customer disappointment when COVID impacted the Supply Chain and also impacted FedEx and UPS. This led to customer dissatisfaction with QSails. I believe that under the COVID-related impact on the Supply Chain that you can expect about the same delivery times with QSails as Incidence Sails of 6 weeks or less. However, you must understand two things with each of them:
1.) Dimension Polyant in Germany (sailcloth manufacturer) has been very unreliable since COVID, blaming their bad delivery problems on the delivery to them of fiber from China and other locations.
2.) Please be very, very careful at the time of delivery and inspect the packages to be sure that everything is received and there is no damage to the sails. If you sign the delivery receipt as "accepted" there is no recourse with the shipper, and how can you blame QSails if FedEx lost 1 box of 2?
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