Re: 24V+ Isolated Ground Leak

Mark McGovern


The Masse - light shows absolutely no sign of illumination even in the pitch black of night one day after a New Moon.  But it lights up like a Christmas tree when I induce a fault by connecting either -ve or +ve to bonding so I know that it is working as intended.

l do still have the OEM Calpeda air conditioning pump on my boat.  It is not the original Amel installed pump but was replaced with the same pump in late 2016 or early 2017 before I bought the boat.  We do have several AC powered devices such as a laptops and internet router so that gives me somewhere to start looking.  I will disconnect that pump from the bonding circuit tomorrow and see if the voltage from +ve to bonding goes to zero.  If it doesn't, I will begin the tedious task of disconnecting all things and checking them one by one when I return to our homeport in the Chesapeake Bay in a few weeks.  Thanks for your help.  It is always appreciated!

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Camden, ME USA

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