Re: 24V+ Isolated Ground Leak


Other ideas--Not sure if I've seen it in this topic posting but a macerator pump leak is frequently the culprit.  Also, salt water that comes in contact with AC pump along with DC pumps and sensors, even parts of the generator can be causal.   You might close your seacock and pull fresh water (first flush desalinator with fresh water to get saltwater out of its supply pump and feed hose and then use a garden hose to control water level in your seachest while another person flushes toilets, runs AC to all 3 zones, generator, engine, anchor wash) so everything is sitting in less conductive fresh water.  Before doing this, push the hose deep into the seachest and its feed hose to get rid of any salt water. I've used a jug and cockpit shower when at anchor and if you are using your own RO water you have the additional benefits of lower, less conductive TDS.  Then see if the indicator still lights.

Bob KAIMI SM 429

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