Re: randomly occurring increases of engine temperature


Just for the record--My Santorin which always had constant temperatures on its temp gauge (would change only with changes in ocean water temps) One time I noticed a 5F increase in engine temp.  An inspection showed my engine room exhaust fan had failed (it had been working when I checked for outflow during startup).  So it may have an effect but rather small.

Slightly related--I have always suspected that high engine room temps during generator operation has caused those expensive Onan control board failures.  Using the  dessalinator in the tropics whicle running the gernerator results in a great deal of heat in the engine room.  Because the generator combines a diesel engine with a somewhat air cooled alternator it manages to product quite a bit of heat and the feed and high pressure pumps also produce heat.  When making RO water I have gotten into the habit of leaving the cockpit floor open.   Because I have a 220V outlet mounted high on the forward bulkhead of my engine room I also have a small portable 220V fan that is pointed toward the dessalinator pumps.  I've also pointed it at the control panel of the generator at times.   The extraction fan, even after I replaced the capacitor is still relatively weak, and I believe a design error.  When we are running a generator we have PLENTY OF EXTRA power to power an exhaust and a much needed needed intake fan.  How about a dedicated 220 to 12V converter wired to the engine intake and exhaust fans.  Anyone have any ideas?

Bob, KAIMI SM 429

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