B&G Sonic Speed sensors replacement


Hello and good evening from Rome
This summer I experienced  on  my SM2000 some troubles with the reading of the B&G speedometer.
I saw the documents in the files section, but there is not indication about how to replace them.
 I have to replace the sensors (that I have found in Ebay) but I'm not sure that this is an easy work ....especially to remove the old ones. Does anyone did this job before? I'm very scared about the sensor on the keel....I have seen that the sensors are two little plastic tubes but I don't know how they are fixed to the boat because there is no o'rings on the tube so I assumed that the tube is fixed with resin to the hull and to the keel....
If possible I prefer to replace the sonic speed sensors and don't do a new hole to instal a new sensor; for that reason I will be happy to receive comments from you
Thanks in advance

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