Lithium Battery BMS

Juan de Zulueta

I am planning to replace my 400 ah 24v gel batteries with Lithium batteries.
My charging devices are :
Alternator Mastervolt 24v 75 ah
Mass combi Mastervolt 24 v 60 ah , 220v 2600 w
MPPT victron with 1500 watt of solar panels

Mastervolt  lithium batteries are extremely expensive.
since my boat is in the Caribbean I was looking into American providers like Battle Born batteries or equivalent.

I have concerns regarding the overall security of the installation.

Mastervolt and Victron batteries BMS  send a message to the charging devices before security shut down to stop charge.

i did not find the same capability with batteries have an internal BMS like Chinese or US lithium batteries.

What is the risk  for the charging device (charger, alternator, MPPT solar) if the battery is suddenly disconnected by the BMS during the charging process. . I know Sv Delos is using Battle Born batteries, do you what type of solution they have implemented?

if there a solution to interface a Battery BMS with Masterbus to send the message “ stop charge” to the Mastervolt charging devices?

best regards.

Juan de Zulueta
Super Maramu #32

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