Re: Lithium Battery BMS

Paul Osterberg

I bought 16 cells from RJ in China in total 540 Ah 24 volt (2700 USD free delivery, Portugal), opted for a high quality BMS MasterLi including high quality Contactors ( 750 A continius load) Cost for BMS contactors Busbars fuses etc close to 2000 USD. The BMS workshop with a AUX lead acid battery, taking  the charge from what ever you  charging your Li pack with when the charge relay open, so no risk for regulators it always work towards a load. I use my Victron MultiPlus who is controlled directly by the BMS, My old original Dolphins charger also works without problems, of course Solar MPPT works great as well. For the Alternator I used my previous installed Balmar external regulator works good. The BMS cut the field line a few seconds before the charge relay opens, that to protect the Alternator. The good thing is if the BMS or Li pack malfunction I can still run communication and navigation from my AUX battery. Have had the system now for 6 month, very pleased so far. But part of my satisfaction is due to 1,4 kW of solar power. Do all the cocking on induction. Run the calorifier from the inverter.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM#259

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