Re: 24V+ Isolated Ground Leak

Porter McRoberts

Do you have continuity between the negative pole of the 24 system and the rigging, when testing with a multimeter?

If there is a closed circuit, you should.  


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Bill R.,

Those wires appear to go to the stereo system amplifier, but they are not the root of the problem as disconnecting them didn’t make the issue go away.  However, I am keeping then disconnected until I can find a better negative terminal to connect them to.


In my earlier post, I thought that I had identified the problem circuit as being the instruments/devices connected to the Navigation Breaker as I was not seeing house bank voltage when testing with the breaker off.  The problem is however, I was doing the testing on the Nav Bus behind the navigation station.  When I test elsewhere, I still have house bank voltage on the positive side.

My situation is basically identical to Marks’.  My Masse Light is working, When I install a jumper wire from the positive terminal on the Nav Bus to bonding and turn the Masse Light to + the light shines brightly.  Likewise, when I do the same using the negative terminal and turn the Masse Light to - the light shines brightly.  However, with no jumper wires installed, I get no illumination at all, and I have checked in the dead of night.

So as you said, there has to be a connection somewhere, but also like Mark, the leak has to be small if the Masse Light does not illuminate correct?

Is there a way to check current flow through the bonding wire with a multi meter?  If so, what is the procedure?

One last question.  I searched for the abbreviation “ve” but could not find anything.  I assume it means voltage but is there anything special about using ve vs V?

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