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Kent, You did every thing right. The boat was lying quietly and you were making only 1.5 knots. You won't get it to go any slower in 25 kts. or above. The fact that the boat was comfortable as you said, means you had a good angle on the seas, so I wouldn't worry about slicks and "50degrees" or whatever. Every boat is different. John "Moon Dog" SM 248

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Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2009 06:28:47 -0800
Subject: [Amel] the art of "hoving to"

Hi, John, et al,
I tried heaving-to while waiting to come into St Thomas. We were in 25kt winds and 4-6 ft seas. With the main and jib (135%) each at about 1 "reef" the motion was comfortable, but the bow kept dropping off and I sailed out of my "slick" at about 1.5kts. When I brought out the mizzen and finally rolled up the jib completely she sat at the prescribed "50degrees" off the wind, but still made enough headway that I sailed out of the slick. It was fine for the purpose this time, but if I understand correctly, I want to be slipping directly downwind to keep the slick between me and the oncoming waves if I'm in a breaking sea (a la the Pardee's).Anyone with an SM who's figured out how to do that without deploying a sea anchor off the side of the boat?

SM 243

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