Re: Additional webbing above tack on Q-Sails Genoa Question

Bill Kinney

I will add, both of the genoas we have had on Harmonie (one from North, and one from Island Planet) have had webbing for lashing like this.  It’s a great safety feature. On the other hand, if your halyard tension is high enough, it really shouldn’t be needed to keep the luff tape from pulling out of the foil.  

If you are having difficulty with the luff tape pulling out, are you sure that the halyard tension is high enough?  And that the luff tape is the right size?  If the jib car traveler is too far aft, this can also pull too hard on the foot of the sail, and the clew can pull away from the foil as a result. 

Halyard tension on the genoa is a dynamic adjustment, and is really quite important for good sail shape and boat performance.  Higher tension pulls the draft back forward in strong winds letting the boat point higher and make better progress to windward. Easing up a bit  in lighter winds powers up the sail when needed.  Halyard tension while sailing should ALWAYS be high enough to fully carry the weight of the furling motor, and keep the metal support bracket under tension.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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