Re: Lithium Battery BMS

Dominique Sery

Bonjour Juan,
My lead batteries need to be changed, I switched to lithium.  I took everything in Victron (cheaper than Mastervolt) and available in stores in France, although the price is still very high.  So 6 x 12.8 v 200 Ah, exactly the same capacity I had in lead.  (half in size) + Skylla 100A charger + 24V 3000 VA inverter + Ve-bms + Battery protect (65A for the 24 v alternator and 200A for the load) + BMV 712 + alarm.Everything is in bluetooth and is controlled with the  Victron-connect application.  In use, it is day and night with the previous equipment.  Why Victron?  Because the size of their batteries fit the battery compartment perfectly and I wanted everything in the same brand.  It works great, according to specs, fast charging, higher load.  No regrets (yet).

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