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Ben Driver

Wire the neutral on Amel European plug to second hot in North America plug

Ben Driver

On Sep 12, 2021, at 12:35 PM, Mark Pitt <mark_pitt@...> wrote:

I am in a marina is the US and have been using their single-phase 240 volt shore power outlet (with three blades)  without issue for more than two seasons.  Some years ago, I made a pigtail with a European pin-and-sleeve receptacle at one end, to take the 32 amp Amel shore power cord, and a Marinco 125/250v 50 amp 3-blade US plug on the other.  That worked fine at my dock.


The Marinco side of the pigtail came apart the other day, so I rewired it but could not find my notes on how I did it the first-time some years ago.  Now I only get 120 volts.  I wired hot to hot (“X”), neutral to neutral, and ground to ground.  I left the “Y” connection on the Marinco empty.  I think that I  remember that to get 240 volts the wiring has to be different.  There is no neutral in European power do perhaps that wire should carry power to “Y”?  Any help would be appreciated.


Mark Pitt

Sabbatical III, SM419, Rhode Island, USA

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