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Juan de Zulueta

Bonjour Dominique,

I am very interested by your solution.
I looked into the victron batteries they are indeed much cheaper than the Mastervolt but if I understand the battery protect can be used for lithium batteries to stop the load from the alternator or the charger. This solution would work with my Mastervolt alternator and my Mastervolt charger if I understand since I don t think I can interface VE bus with Masterbus.
Do I need one battery protect for each charging device not supporting ve bus or one for the alternator and one for the charger?


Juan de Zulueta
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Le 12 sept. 2021 à 17:47, Dominique Sery via <dominiquesery@...> a écrit :

Bonjour Juan,
My lead batteries need to be changed, I switched to lithium.  I took everything in Victron (cheaper than Mastervolt) and available in stores in France, although the price is still very high.  So 6 x 12.8 v 200 Ah, exactly the same capacity I had in lead.  (half in size) + Skylla 100A charger + 24V 3000 VA inverter + Ve-bms + Battery protect (65A for the 24 v alternator and 200A for the load) + BMV 712 + alarm.Everything is in bluetooth and is controlled with the  Victron-connect application.  In use, it is day and night with the previous equipment.  Why Victron?  Because the size of their batteries fit the battery compartment perfectly and I wanted everything in the same brand.  It works great, according to specs, fast charging, higher load.  No regrets (yet).

Juan de Zulueta
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