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Dan Carlson

It's been a while since I gave a shout out for the WakeSpeed Ws500 alternator controller. I am very pleased with it. 

On of my favorite features with the standard LiFePO charge setting it a simple on/off switch at the helm. ON - enables the standard LiFePO charge setting of 27.5bulk, 26.72 float. OFF - just regulates the alternator to maintain the 26.72v float. I leave it off as a default as I like to be paying attention when I am fully charging my batteries, as well as moderating my alternator load on the engine when maneuvering around a marina, etc

Best regards, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SM#387

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021, 1:50 AM Dominique Sery via <> wrote:
Bonjour Juan,
it’s easy to control the Mastervolt alternator with external Alpha pro regulator using a Victron Battery-protect (the smallest), in position 7 it is used as a control relay by the Victron Ve-bms.  The consumption is 1.5 mA completely compatible with the maximum authorized current of 10 mA of the Ve-bms.  A second, ordinary relay, powered by the ignition key, will only activate it when the engine is running (+ a manual switch for security).  The bluetooth version of this Battery Protect allows you to control the charge with a smartphone (stop and start).  When I sail with the engine, as soon as the voltage of the batteries reaches 27.6 v (95-98% of charge) I stop the alternator with the smartphone so as not to keep the batteries at a high voltage for too long (the duration of  absorption of 28.5 v is 4 h with the Alpha pro).  For the other loads, if they are Victrons they can be managed by the Ve-bms otherwise either they have a remote control and another small BP will be used or there is none and a Battery protect of suitable power can be put  on the charging cables.  Note that the Ve-bms has a maximum control of 10 mA for the charge and 2 amps for the load (+ 50 mA for the pre-discharge alarm).  A bluetooth BMV with audible alarm informs as soon as the voltage is high or low (adjustable). The smartphone will check each battery cell and you can stop the charge or the load if necessary.
For the battery charger, if you are in the boat, you can drive it yourself with the  bmv and stop it as soon as the charge is finished.
Irko A54#16

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