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This term "proof of competency" is used often and is intended to mean that you have "something" from a government or accredited sailing school certifying your training on a vessel. But what it technically means is what the government using the term intends it to mean. Each country can have different standards. Scott mentioned Montenegro. We have friends who sailed around the world and were refused entry into Montenegro because they did not have "Proof of Competency" paperwork. To your question about the card a charter company gives you, I assume this might work with an official, but also assume that the person who wrote this rule did not intend the charter company card.

Judy and I had USCG Captains licenses which were accepted with no questions asked in 58 countries, around the world.

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On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 8:48 AM John Babot via <> wrote:
Bill,  What does/did your "proof of competency" look like?  I thought that was for those chartering boats.

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