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Mohammad Shirloo

We ran into this issue in Montenegro. The harbor master was unwilling to allow us to “navigate” from the customs dock to our winter berth (about 500 yards away). None of our ASA sailing and US sailing certifications were acceptable. We spent a couple of hours in the harbor master’s office, while she looked on the internet, trying to figure out what the certificates were. It took our agent from Porto Montenegro almost an hour to get the hesitant approval. We were told that when we come back, the next season, if we do not have “something”  like the ICC, we would not be allowed to leave the Marina. Another friend on an Amel that was starting his second circumnavigation, ran into the same issue. They ere not interested in hearing how many times he had circled the globe.


ASA now has a certificate that they can  issue to all members that have a  bare boat chartering certificate. I believe it costs $25 and they mail out. It looks very official and have been accepted in Montenegro and Croatia, at least so far.





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I was only asked for a cert of competency a handful of times. Croatia was the most stringent and I watched an American skipper kick and scream that his state's safety course should be accepted and how he has sailed all the way from the US, etc. 

He ended up having the choice between taking a course there for a lot of money or not entering the country.

The ICC is the world standard but since the US isn't a signatory to that treaty, none of our courses give us an ICC. Croatia specifically lists the ICC equivalent documents.

Ostensibly it's for chartering, but I can attest that they apply the rule for entering on your own private vessel.

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