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Nick Newington

Hi Mohammad and Ruedi,

I agree with you Mohammad. Prices will fall, insurers will become more comfortable. Lithium will replace lead acid, but it will take time, probably only a couple more years. 
On “Amelia" I bought “Lifeline” AGM’s in Grenada when I bought the boat in 2017 at considerable expense. I also installed solar and wind. The batteries have never been discharged below 60% and generally get back to 100% a lot of the time. I am hoping for many more years of use, especially as I only sail half time. The rest of the time the solar keeps them 100%.

As and when they start to die I will replace them with Lithium, but I am still not comfortable with the complexities in particular leaving the boat ashore unattended for prolonged periods. I am also not comfortable with being entirely dependent on an electronic BMS in far off remote places. The kind of places that I like to dream of exploring.


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Hi Ruedi;
We are currently in the Med and, in my opinion,  Lithium is not a huge advantage in our cruising style here. Also our AGMs that we installed in 2018, have been working better than expected and almost as good as when installed new.
I believe that Lithium technology for yachts is in its infancy and the improvement curve fairly steep. Our plan is to convert to Lithium in about 2-3 years, before leaving the Med, so we can benefit from all the advancement in technology and safety. 
Mohammad and Aty
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Hi Mohammad and Aty
Thank you for the drawing which helped me a lot. Exactly this page was not in my documentation. Don’t know why?
I found in the 220V Panel drawing K1- and K2-source referenced, but without any detail about K1 and K2. Now everything is very clear and you are absolutely right with the priorities.
  • When there is Power from the Generator, K1 is interrupting the Shore supply and switching to Generator with the K1 Relay.
  • When there is any Power from any K1 source (GE or Shore), K2 is active and the Inverter is not switched because K2 is keeping the Inverter 220V output unswitched (offline).
    • Even if the inverter is ON, it can’t deliver 220V to the panel, because K2 is ON as long as K1 delivers power.
This sound a bit complicated but it’s finally the priority GEN, Sore, Inverter as you said.
BTW: What is your Lithium Project doing? You have changed KOKOMO to Lithium meanwhile?
Thanks and fair winds
Ruedi & Sabina Waldispuehl
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Hi Ruedi;
There are electrical schematics in the original AMEL operator’s manual in the Appendix section, that came with the yacht, that show how they are wired. Attached is the schematic for the K1-K2 switchover relays.
I believe K1 and K2 switch/relays make the selection of power source.  Power first  goes through K1 which selects the source between shore power and generator. I believe that generator has priority over shore power. Once this source is selected, it goes through K2, which selects between the output of K1 and the inverter, with the output of K1 having higher priority.
I am fairly certain that the priority is: 
  1. Generator
  2. Shore power
  3. Inverter
Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Shore - Generator Switch-over box on A54 #solution

Hello Amelian's

I tried to find out how the Shore/Generator Switchover Box in the Engine room of my Amel-54 is exactly working. I do have in addition a 2500W MV inverter installed originally from AMEL. Last few weeks the Switch-over is doing strange things and fuses are blowing. 
I have not found any accurate information (drawings) electric scheme of that AMEL specific switch-over mechanism. I don’t know how it detects either one or all 3 of the 240V sources, and which is the master over-ruling the Generator or Shore and/or Inverter. How it protects the Inverter when Shore or Generator is running, etc… 
Does anyone out there have any detailed information how these system works and may have an Electric scheme with in dept knowledge how it works?
Thanks a lot for investigation and best regards
Ruedi Waldispuehl
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