Re: Lithium Battery BMS

Dominique Sery

Scott, sorry for the late reply.  The easiest way for Victron Battery Protect is to install it at the entrance to the 24 volt switchboard in the locker above the kitchen sink.  All circuits controlled by the 24v board will be activated (or deactivated) by the Ve-bms.  In particular the “cockpit controls”.  There remain the navigation instruments which require another BP (small model) at the chart table, to be installed on the connection panel under the hull port, which is very easy to access.  

For your passerelle i think that the control is drive by the « cockpit controls » as the bowtruster, the winchs..
The other, more difficult solution is to separate the cables at the circuit breakers in the locker next to the engine battery.  It's a little more annoying because you have to install the bus bars and redo all the connections, some wires being soldered together and you have to separate the inputs (chargers - alternator) and the outputs (high powers - low powers)

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