Re: Volvo D3-110 Sensor - Spare Sensor Sets

Arno Luijten

Dear Forum,

Following the good work from WASABI I did some further digging into this sensor matter.

The isolated oil sensor is no longer supplied by Volvo Penta. However it is a standard sensor for Volvo Trucks and can be ordered via any Volvo Truck service center.
Volvo Penta and Volvo Trucks are very much different in their logistic channel even though they co-operate to some level at the top.

The list that WASABI received via GWEN is not completely correct, I'm guessing because of translation problems.

This is the the list I have compiled so far (for the VP D3-110iC):

31331765 TDC Sensor (On flywheel)
8653103 Coolant sensor
8658726 Sensor on top of engine. (Camshaft sensor)
3884352 Fuel pressure sender
30731748 Solenoid on fuel pump (Magnetically controlled proportional valve)
873959 Emergency stop knob (According to Scott from Tengah this button ages badly)
And then of course the oil pressure switch
8151889 Isolated oil pressure sensor (Supplied via Volvo Trucks)
Alternatively you can also buy it from ALIEXPRESS at much lower cost:

And the Turbo Boost sensor that can be bought much cheaper as the original Bosch part. See for example here

The list from WASABI also contains an over-pressure valve for the fuel rail but that is a purely mechanical safety device not likely to fail.

I also have enclosed a drawing of the actual oil pressure switch that I received from my VP dealer in the Netherlands

I hope this will be of some benefit to other owners


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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