Re: Lithium Battery BMS

Paul Harries

As a potential Amel buyer the complexity of some of the Li installations scares me. My question when evaluating such systems is a simple one, "could my wife handle the system on her own? As I well  recall the difficulty my wife had programming a vcr!

The limiting factor that I see at present is that companies like Victron only make their BMS available with their batteries. As a result battery prices for the likes of Victron are inflated.

The future in my opinion lies with an external BMS integrated with battery charging and power source switch over, such a system should run on it's own without the need for owner input other than programming due to system changes. Failover with integrated bms redundancy is also a consideration..

I think it is important to remember how Bill classifies boat value, with increase in complexity of electrical systems boat value drops.

In summary while I am full of admiration for those who have installed complex multi vendor diy Li systems, I would be unlikely to buy their boats.

Paul Harries
Prospective Amel Buyer

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