Re: Lithium Battery BMS

Willem Kroes


I bought 8 Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries (LifePO4) of 100 Ah at 12V with built-in BMS modules from Shenzen Yinkai Power Technology Co., Ltd. Website:

These batteries were/are almost drop-in replacements. Almost, because they are a little higher than the lead-acid batteries Amel used. Dimensions: 329 x 171 x 235 mm. I had to cut off a few millimeters from the bar under the lid of the battery compartment (the bar that prevents upward movements of the batteries).

I paid by the end of 2016 USD 4.373 for the 8 batteries plus 2 extra BMS plus 2 extra empty cases excluded VAT and import duties, but shipping cost included. Since then prices have gone down. I don’t know if Yinkai Power is still selling the 100 Ah battery, but there are a lot of other companies in the Shenzen area to sell these. For example: Polinovel 12v 100ah lithium ion battery manufacturer.

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