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Thank you all for your help! I'm in touch with Joel Potter, an Amel broker in Florida. Hopefully his expertise in proper valuations will help us gain the proper insight on pricing and quality.
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Tim, I don't what your plans are once you get your Amel. Keep in mind that there are VATaxes in Europe that run from about 13% in the Azores or about 20% of the boat value in other areas. And the sales tax in the State you buy it does make a difference.
The Yacht World site is a good one if not to buy at least get a good idea as to what is out there and for how much.
Best of Luck and welcome to the Amel family.
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We're in Dallas. Found a few in the U.S.; 2000 Nike in Florida.

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WOW! We are about to create a new reality! Retiring and sailing aboard a beautiful sailboat. An Amel is an obvious choice. If you know of anyone looking to sell their Amel, please let us know. Also, any advice you have for first time buyers would be appreciated.
AMEL is the best you can buy. You can find AMEL boats in differnt places. Where are you located?

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