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Paul Harries

This sounds like a high frequency resonance issue.
With high frequency I would suspect a small component attached to something larger that catches the wind.
If you touch the offending item sound should disappear
If I were you I would check in following order
Tension in shrouds
All turnbuckles, shackles and pins including contact with spreaders.
If nothing found change tension in halyards one at a time to see if sound changes, if it changes check all tackle that halyard in contact with. 
Also consider touching electrical cables from mast in ceiling one at a time, if sound vanishes you have identified source.
Remember if you touch stethoscope to offending item you will change resonant frequency and sound will disappear.
One other possible cause is internal partial failure of one of standing rigging cables with broken strands.
All this being said don't forget the obvious. I once saw a patient complaining that his implanted neurostimulator was playing music. Turned out his phone had butt dialed a bahamas number and he had been hearing hold music from his jacket pocket! The two hour international call was fairly expensive!


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OK, This is a bit difficult for me, as my ears are so bad that I can't hear it, but it's driving Iris to distraction.  It just started a week or so ago, and nothing had changed except we anchored in Woods Hole, MA, USA.  It's still present on a mooring in Martha's Vineyard.  At anchor, when the wind is up and the boat is moving, she hears a very high pitched tinkling, like wind chimes made of glass. It is constant in higher wind, intermittent in less wind, and all but disappears in light winds. It doesn't seem to match the rhythm of the boat's movement, but as the wind picks up and the boat moves more it gets louder.  It seems to be louder in the area of the forward head, but difficult to pinpoint.  She can't hear it on deck or in the cockpit.  Using a stethoscope on the masts, booms, bulkheads, and decking hasn't helped, in fact she can't hear it at all when using the stethoscope.  So it seems to be transmitted by air rather than water & hull...except that she hears it in the boat and not on deck.  It's not like shrimp or crustations, more musical.

We're stumped.  She suggests the possibility of a ghost ship with wind chimes.  I've suggested maybe it's all in her head (but her description doesn't sound like tinnitus).

Anyone else experience anything like this?  Any ideas?


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