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Interesting factoid
As we get older we loose high frequency hearing, as this is often an assymetric our localisation skill for sound deteriorates.
A child or very young adult can often localize far better

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Hi Kent and Iris. This is actually a common phenomenon. I’m am all but sure if you slack your jib halyard this resonance will disappear. This has happened to me and many others as well. If that doesn’t work, get an exorcist…


Hope you two are well and smiling. Vela and I are.


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OK, This is a bit difficult for me, as my ears are so bad that I can't hear it, but it's driving Iris to distraction.  It just started a week or so ago, and nothing had changed except we anchored in Woods Hole, MA, USA.  It's still present on a mooring in Martha's Vineyard.  At anchor, when the wind is up and the boat is moving, she hears a very high pitched tinkling, like wind chimes made of glass. It is constant in higher wind, intermittent in less wind, and all but disappears in light winds. It doesn't seem to match the rhythm of the boat's movement, but as the wind picks up and the boat moves more it gets louder.  It seems to be louder in the area of the forward head, but difficult to pinpoint.  She can't hear it on deck or in the cockpit.  Using a stethoscope on the masts, booms, bulkheads, and decking hasn't helped, in fact she can't hear it at all when using the stethoscope.  So it seems to be transmitted by air rather than water & hull...except that she hears it in the boat and not on deck.  It's not like shrimp or crustations, more musical.

We're stumped.  She suggests the possibility of a ghost ship with wind chimes.  I've suggested maybe it's all in her head (but her description doesn't sound like tinnitus).

Anyone else experience anything like this?  Any ideas?


Kent & Iris


Heading S to Chesapeake.

Paul Harries
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