Re: Shore - Generator Switch-over box on A54 #solution

Arno Luijten

Hi Ruedi,

Sorry to barge in like this but I actually installed the MV Mass Combi Ultra 24/3500 as well so maybe you want to know what I did as well.
In the later 54's the MV inverter is actually placed to the left of the two (Mastervolt) chargers (40&100A). There is sort of bulkhead there so the inverter faces in the direction of the bow.
I managed (just about) to put the Combi there.

As the Combi has all the switchover gear build into the box I decided to remove the Amel relay-system that sits above the waterheater and connect the shore power and generator to the Combi. The Amel relay-system tends to fail when it gets old so for me it was part of the preventive maintenance scheme as well. I did however introduce a new relais that is driven by the secondary 24V output of the 100A Chargemaster. What it does is it disconnects the shorepower from the Combi, causing it to activate the inverter. By doing this I effectively build a 60Hz to 50Hz converter using the batteries as an intermediate,  the 100A Chargemaster as a charger using the shore-power and the Combi supplying 230V/50hz for the appliances that require this.
I do agree that 3 Combi's seems a bit excessive to me. Personally if you would like to convert to electric cooking I think adding a stand alone inverter makes more sense. 
The reason I got the Ultra is because it adds the solar charger to the Masterbus network. I'm using it for the solar on top of the bimini. The panels on the arch are using the stand alone controller from MV. Most of my power systems are MV. It's only their Lithium solution that is stupid expensive.
If you want I can provide you with a schematic diagram of the system. By the way the 2500W inverter is actually a 2000W inverter, 2.5 KVA is only peak power.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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