Re: B&G Sonic Speed sensors replacement

David Crisp

Gary, excellent description and encouraging, thanks.  I too have been feeling nervous about tackling this job but your description is great and the above waterline cable exit is reassuring (I'd expect nothing else of Amel!). 

I have an A54 (#58 2007) and so far have been unable to find the route the cables take from the transducers to the computer.  In my case the B&G sonic computer is located in the locker under the forward athwartships saloon table seat. See attached photo.  This is the only place I can see the transducer cables, I hope it is possible to pull the cables around the various corners through to here.  Does anyone know the route these cables take and if there is any other point to access/feed them on an A54?
It appears the transducer cables have been bundled up rather than cut.  Is this significant?  Does cable length matter because of signal processing/timing? 

I will be hauling out in a couple of weeks and will I'll tackle this job then, will share anything I learn.

David Crisp
SV Wilna Grace
Amel 54 #58

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