Re: What to do with LiFePO4 batteries when the boat is layed up?

Joerg Esdorn

Thanks very much everyone.  Based on Thomas’ suggestion, I‘ve now programmed an event for my 60A charger which switches it to float at 80% state of charge.  The voltage of the batteries at 80% with the charger off and minimal load (2A) is a little less than 26.8V.  So this may be the way to go - but I have an email into MV support to confirm.  Their advice quoted above strictly speaking only applies if all loads are off which won‘t be the case for me since the bilge pump and galvanic insulator will be on although the loads are minimal for a 600Ah battery bank.   It may also not be necessary to have this event if the charger never goes back to bulk with such a small load.  

Scott, given that MV recommends to charge the batteries to more than 80% at least every 3 month, I suspect that it‘s not good for them to be kept at 50% as you suggest.   


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