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Let me add a note that will happen to any SM, 54, 55, or 50 owners, sooner or later.

The windlass Control box is a black plastic box that has 2 solenoids inside the box, 1 for UP, and 1 for DOWN. The contact points on these solenoids will burn and possibly stick sooner with those owners who operate any brand Windlass and put the motor under strain. You know what this is. You can hear the motor straining. It happens much later to those owners who do not put the motor under strain.

This is a typical A54, A55, A50 bow compartment electrical box, containing the windlass control boxes:
This is a later model SM Windlass Control Box (earlier models had 2 exposed solenoids:

This is an opened windlass control box with burned contacts that stuck in the DOWN position causing a windlass ran-away.
Lesson Learned #1: When you hear your windlass motor straining, pause momentarily and the windlass control box will last a very long time.

Lesson Learned #2: Always tie your anchor chain to prevent anchor deployment and only untie it when you are ready to anchor, or you are maneuvering in close quarters like a marina. You never know when you may lose all engine propulsion and need to drop the anchor.


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On Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 2:40 AM Joerg Esdorn via <> wrote:
Wow, quite a reaction.  Yes, indeed, the anchor winches on my 55 are made by Quick.  They are excellent winches in my experience, having hauled various mooring anchors, rocks and other stuff in many places in the Med, in addition to my 55kg anchor and 100 m of chain!  They are not gadgets, they are serious pieces of equipment.   I appreciate the redundancy a second windlass provides.  What happened to me had nothing to do with Quick.  The remote is very well designed from an engineering perspective but it‘s been heavily used and opened many times to remove batteries in the fall and reinstall them in the spring.   So what happened to me is not a reason to point fingers at Quick or Amel.   It can happen to anyone with any make of windlass.  

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