Re: Wiper at the bottom of the companionway slider.


Hi Eric,
The product is a belt weather stripping for auto side windows.  I bought mine from JC Whitney ( now, but I can't find it on their website.  Mike (Aletes) bought a similar belt weatherstrip at Rock Auto that looks just like what I used.,13714X2,belt+weatherstrip+/+window+scraper+seal,12406
All that's required is cutting to length (mine has a steel backing) and drilling screw holes, then sealing as it's screwed in place.  What I received was enough to do the job twice.  That was 5+years ago and it's still fine.

I have varnished the companionway door, and haven't had any black rubber come off on the door since.  I think Bill K is using a non-silicone wax on his door?

There are other belt weather stripping s that would work, too.
Kent & Iris

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