Re: Need help from a 54 owner in La Rochelle


Ralph AND Nicole e Nilson,

AND all other Amel 54 owners (you should do this, also)

I believe that today SOFOMARIN visited Laurens Vos's Amel 54 to take measurements. SOFOMARIN is the supplier to Amel for all specialized valves and manifolds for the Amel 55, 50 & 60. They make high-quality components for Amel that have a much longer life than the copper and bronze manifolds and valves the Amel previously used.

Please contact Laura <contact@...>. Be sure to tell her I asked you to contact her.

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On Thu, Sep 23, 2021 at 7:04 AM Ralph Heilig <ralph.heilig@...> wrote:
Hallo Bill,

I would be interested in purchasing one of the Amel 54 Primary Saltwater Manifold.

My one also shows signs of corrosion. Probably just an optic issue, but I would prefer one in stron plastic.


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