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As far as I can remember, the inside of the dodger (on a Sharki) is not hollow, as we replaced the cockpit lamp recently, we found typical foam inside, that did not allow to route any cables through.
Even the cable for the cockpit lamp seems to be fixed by foam, so it seems pretty tough to renew that piece in case of failure.

As we are running a solar panel on top of the dodger, we simply routed the cable through the pole that supports the doger through the engine room and up to the electric panel in the kitchen.

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Hey troops, has anyone installed either a VHF antenna or GPS antenna at the dodger on a Sharki or similar vessel? I know its hollow inside, but not how hollow it is. My thinking is to install 2 GPS receivers on top of the dodger and 2 VHF antennas on the sides, just missing the boom, then run wiring inside the dodger. Is this plausible? I am trying to install both AI50 AIS and VHF Chart plotter at the steering location - if anyone done either before? I'd like to know how you did it. Thank You.

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