Re: Update to Bow Thruster will not go down

Stefan Jeukendrup

Hi Steve,

Well done.

Does not look like a plain resistor to me, could be a varistor, NTC or PTC. But also could be a diode, is there a stripe on one side?

Its clearly a pair and only one of them got hot. You can replace it but you must also find the reason why this component failed.

Send me a private message on eeg@... and I will try to help you.

Stefan Jeukendrup

sv Malaka Queen

SM2k #348 @ Northern Ireland

Op 24-09-2021 om 17:24 schreef Stephen Davis:

I’ve managed to remove the defective circuit board from the bow thruster control box, and am attaching a couple more picture which will allow you to see the damaged resistor. 

Aloha SM #72

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