Re: Update to Bow Thruster will not go down

Mark McGovern


That looks like a diode that failed, not a resistor.  If the tracks on the PCB are intact, you should be able to replace the diode.  If the PCB track has also failed you can use a short piece of wire to bypass the track.  As Stefan noted, if there is some underlying problem, it might fail again.  The diode should have a part number printed on it.  Google the part number and you will likely be able to find a replacement at a place like Mouser or Digikey.  Note that diodes are like electronic check valves that allow current to flow one way but not the other.  Therefore, they are "directional" in their installation.  Take lots of pics and note how the failed diode was installed so that you install the replacement diode in the same orientation.

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Belfast, ME USA

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