Re: Silicone Bow Thruster Tube Seal - Video by Ken Powers - Installation of the aftermarket blue seal

Jose Venegas

This was a nice improvement of the seals installation adding the supporting disk. I had that in my list of projects when I first installed them but after 4 years of using them I realized that it was holding well. When and if I replace them, I will certainly add the supporting disk.

The only thing he was wrong in the video was the statement that the alternative method of installation inverting the order of the seals resulted in the seals facing in the wrong direction. In fact you can invert the order of the seal installation but leave the seals facing the correct way.

I would also emphasize that the wood device provided by Amel to service the bow thruster in the water MUST always be used (in the water or on the ground) to avoid damaging the seals. This is because I designed their internal diameter a little smaller than the trunk diameter to ensure good seal. The material I used was silicone because it is more compliant and allowed a small lack of alignment between the trunk and the seals without causing a leak.

Jose Venegas
Ipanema SM278
Currently in Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

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