SM & A54 Main + Mizzen manual furling gear boxes - seals, o-rings, dust cover … + source(s) ???

Stefan Schaufert

Dear Amelians,

I want to change all seals etc. for the main and mizzen manual rolling gear.
I was in contact with Maud.  She sends me a good picture, but cannot send me a list of measurements etc. and a set of seals etc. (at least not at the moment).
The forum helped me more (posts and references from Pat SM 123, Scott, Ken ...) but I'm completely stuck now.
Not sure about the dimensions or type of the seals, I haven't found a good source.
So I hope that someone has a list with the proven number, dimension, etc. of all the seals required, etc.,
as well as a good source in Europe, ideally in Germany (preferably all parts together).
Thanks a lot you for your help.
 Best regards
 A54 # 119 Lady Charlyette, currently La Palma - Canary Islands

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