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In that case, the cooler themselves take the same plumbing because they both have two (2) x Female 3/8" BSP threaded holes.


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Not to add more confusion to what is already a confusing topic, but here is what I found on my SM #440:

The DC60-XCC oil cooler has two (2) x Female 3/8" BSP threaded holes in it for the oil lines.  As sold by Bowman, there are no included fittings, just the the 3/8" BSP threaded holes. 

My original DC60-XCC oil cooler that failed had two (2) 90 degree fittings that were Male 3/8" BSP on one leg and Male 3/8" JIC 37° on the other leg.  These were installed in the threaded holes of the oil cooler using some kind of thread sealant.  The hydraulic hoses had one (1) Straight Female JIC 37° swivel fitting on the oil cooler end.  The transmission end of the hoses were what Parker calls a "Female Metric L - Swivel - (24° Cone with O-Ring)".  I believe that the 24° Cone makes it either an SAE or DIN standard fitting but I honestly don't know.  That end of the hose actually threads into some kind of straight fitting that comes out of the transmission.

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